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            As part of Open « Ukrbudekspertyza » Regional Development of Ukraine are certified qualified that a high level of professional expertise carry out construction projects to comply with the requirements for strength, reliability and durability of buildings and structures, their operational safety and engineering, including the   accessibility for persons with disabilities and other people with limited mobility, sanitary and epidemiological welfare, safety, environmental, fire, and emergency safety, energy conservation and energy efficiency, estimates of project construction, engineering services, systems and structures.

According to the CMU №560 of 11.05.11r. Ministry of Regional Development and leaves Ukraine from 06.12.12 g. №7 / 15-19697 LLC "UkrBudEkspertyza" works all over Ukraine and has established branches all regions of Ukraine.


Our main activities:

■ Expertise of Construction objects belonging to the IV-V complexity

Examination of the structural construction projects objects, belonging to the IV complexity

Survey estimates of construction projects, belonging to the IV complexity

Examination of other construction projects - to address the customer

Consulting services in the field of construction


We provide expertise in areas of project documentation:

-       providing mechanical resistance and stability (durability, reliability, durability) of buildings and structures;

-       compliance with fire and safety man-made;

-       safety of life and health ’ person I;

-       environmental protection;

-       of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population;

-       ensure operational safety and labor protection requirements;

-       provide protection against noise;

-       providing energy savings;

-       expert estimates of project documentation.

Please contact our regional affiliates in Ukraine. List, see Contacts.

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