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Ukrainian construction expertise - a team of professionals!

        Ltd. « Ukrainian construction expertise » Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine have the right to conduct a comprehensive examination of construction projects and is included in « list of expert organizations » by « criteria to be met by expert organizations, providing expertise building projects » ;, established order of the Ministry of Regional Development of 23.05.2011 p. № 53 (above mentioned list is published on the official website of the Ministry of Regional Development Ukraine   www.minregion.gov.ua ). According to the CMU №560 of 11.05.11r. Ministry of Regional Development and leaves Ukraine from 06.12.12 g. №7 / 15-19697   LLC "Ukrbudekspertyza" works all over Ukraine.

      Ltd. « Ukrainian construction expertise » is composed of highly skilled, deeply knowledgeable professionals with extensive practical experience, knowledge of current regulations, which professionally engaged in the examination of construction projects belonging to I – V of complexity, any total estimated value of t. Part. 100 million USD, in different industries, in all areas of construction (except r ’ objects of the coal industry, road construction and nuclear energy and at ’ objects under construction budgetary funds, funds of state and municipal enterprises and loans to sovereign guarantees).

        All experts at a high professional level make an examination of project documentation following areas:

      providing mechanical resistance and stability (strength, reliability, durability) of buildings and structures;
      compliance with fire and safety man-made;
      safety of life and health ’ person I;
      environmental protection;
      of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population;
      security operation and safety requirements;
      to protect against noise;
      providing energy savings;
      expert estimates of project documentation.
        We also provide technical inspection of architectural objects and issue the technical inspection reports.

        Ltd. « Ukrainian construction expertise » provides consulting services in the field of construction in compliance with the law, state building codes, standards and regulations.

invite members of the construction industry in Ukraine productive cooperation!
Please contact our regional branch offices and representatives in Ukraine (see. section Contacts list).

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